Mission Statement


The students, staff, parents and community of Kensington Park Elementary School are dedicated to maximizing the potential of its learners. Achievement will be enhanced through high expectations, critical thinking skills and cooperative learning strategies as we emphasize literacy throughout the curriculum. Kensington Park Elementary will continue to uphold standards of educational excellence in a collegial learning environment.


All students at Kensington Park Elementary will meet, or exceed grade level expectations as set by State Standards.

The staff, students and community of KPE have a commitment to the following values:

  • COLLABORATION: working together towards a common goal

  • COOPERATION: assisting each other to reach a goal

  • TRUST: building confidence through honest, ethical and equitable actions

  • PROFESSIONALISM: adhering to the highest of work standards through respectful and responsible actions.

  • PRIDE: developing positive attitudes about ourselves and our school’s achievements

  • COMMUNICATION: sharing needs, ideas and beliefs about our mission