Rainy Day Procedures


Classes that meet in the main building are to line up along the wall outside of their classrooms. Students in the outer corridor classes, on light rainy days, will line up in front of their classroom doors. On windy, heavy days, all students will go to the cafeteria. Kindergarten students will line up inside the Primary Learning Center (PLC) next to their classrooms. 4th and 5th grade students will sit downstairs in the two-story building. Teachers will open class doors at 8:20 AM.


On rainy days, regular dismissal will be followed. On days with severe weather, all students being picked up by their parents will be dismissed by the driveway. Students riding on private buses will be kept in the classrooms depending on the severity of the weather. On light days, students will be escorted to the bus area located at the rear of the school. On days with more severe weather, (heavy rain, thunder, lightning), teachers will stay with their students in the classrooms until a safe dismissal can be arranged.