Uniform Policy

Kensington Park is a mandatory uniform school. This means that your child must wear the uniform every day. The official uniform should instill a sense of pride in all of us as we represent KPE. Uniforms should be clean, neat, fit properly, and suitable for school. Jeans/Denim is not a part of the uniform. Uniforms may be purchased from any department store or uniform vendor that carries the uniform line of clothing. You may obtain uniform information by visiting our main office. For safety reasons, it is important that students wear sturdy, safe shoes. Sneakers or athletic shoes are recommended. Backless shoes or sandals are not recommended. We do not permit clogs, thongs, or shoes with metal cleats.

Boys: Tops- white, yellow or light blue polo/ oxford shirt. Bottoms- navy blue pants or shorts.
Girls: Tops- white, yellow or light blue blouse or polo/oxford shirt Bottoms – Navy blue skirt, shorts, jumper, or pants

Shirts will be tucked in and belts will be worn at all times. No baggy or over-sized pants. No sandals or shoes without back straps (Closed shoes ONLY). Hooded jackets will be removed if hoods are worn during school hours.

Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from their school work shall be required to make the necessary alterations to such attire or grooming before entering the classroom, or will be sent home by the principal.